Friday, May 22, 2009

My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys...Part II

Last night we cooked out at a friend's house. He doesn't know many people in town so he hosted and I did the inviting. I of course, was too busy to take pictures, but we had such a good time! There's nothing like getting to entertain without having to clean your own house!

Some of you may be tired of my cowboy pictures, but I took a lot of them and I still had a few that I wanted to share.
Here's Marty and Jeremiah. The "nice guys" who got stuck with the dudes.
62, my dad's horse.

My daddy on the start of day two. It was YUCKY outside. Can you tell?

Brock's son.


The next generation. Stormy and Boudreaux. I kid you not.

Big 'ol bull...

Dazed and confused calves.
The "overseers"

The end.

Hope you all have a fabulous Memorial Day weekend!

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smile steady said...

1. I love your new blog design! It really is you.

2. Your cowboy pictures are awesome. Your life is just like a movie!

Kristin said...

Love those pics! I used to live in Houston and you're making me long for the rodeo!

Jessica said...

Those pictures are pretty neat!

Lisa said...

Love all the cowboy pics!