Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Arkansas or Bust

While Marty had a "boys weekend" this past weekend, I headed to Springdale, AR for one of my dear friend's bachelorette party and wedding shower. I drove to OKC Friday and picked up Joy and we made the three hour trip from there. I got a later start that I had originally planned and I was SO glad she was with me. We accidentally took a 'scenic route' once we got into Arkansas and ended up on this little winding path that looked like a scene right out of Deliverance. Luckily, she had her trusty Garmin GPS and it got us back on track. We got to Rachel's parents house around 10 p.m. and visited until the wee hours of the morning.

Sat. morning we went with Rachel to take her bridal portraits at the Magnolia Botanical Gardens. She looked absolutely stunning. I would love to post some pictures, but for fear that Nick might accidentally see, I'll wait.
Joy & I enjoying the beautiful weather!
Here's Rach posing in front of their new house.

Her bachelorette party was Hawaiin themed. We showed up at one of her bridesmaid's homes a little after six and stayed until past night. It was so much fun!

Joy & me before we left for the bachelorette party.

Rach, Joy, Britt and me. It's hard to believe it had been so long since we'd all been together.

Me & my new friend, Allison. She was a great little hostess.

This was Sunday after church. We all met at the University Center Church of Christ in college so it was so nice to be able to attend services together.

I had forgotten how beautiful Arkansas is. Everything is SSSOOO green!

This is along the roadside on the way back from Rachel & Nick's.
Rach kept making fun of Joy & me because we were so impressed by the landscape. I know it's just cows in the field, but look how pretty!

Only in, this beauty was discovered at a convenient store we stopped at on the way home. A vending machine that has live fishing bait in it. Worms, crickets, etc.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Hunting We Will Go..

Matt came and stayed with us the first weekend in April, i.e. the first weekend of turkey season. He had just finished up his last day of med school. We had a great time and are not looking forward to him leaving for Kentucky. Although, I've already told him, we're coming to the races sometime in the near future.
This past weekend Adam, Clint, Eric & Kyle came up and the boys hunted. Sadly, they drove all that way and ended up with a big goose egg. Marty said they had a good time anyway, though. Of course they didn't take any pictures since they didn't shoot anything so I don't have much to post about. Girls, I would have loved for y'all to come had I not been out of town. Maybe, next year.

Monday, April 14, 2008

All My Children

I know to those of you who have children, my "children" don't quite compare, but for now they are my "babies". Just thought I'd share a few...

Honey & me attempting to get a good shot on her birthday. I'm not sure we succeeded.
Honey. Poor Mack is in the background picking out stickers.
Mack retrieves the dummy and Honey steals it and brings it back with her mean defensive skills.

Our kitten, L.C., loves to "hide". When I can't find her, I usually know that she's one of three places: in the closet, in my red bag or in Honey's portable kennel.

I couldn't finish out this post without including the two little Papillions who replaced me at my parent's house after I left for Oklahoma State.

Gizmo or "Gizzy" as we call him.

Miss Lily

And the two of them engaging in one of their favorite activities.

Friday, April 11, 2008

A New Career...

Well, this past weekend I was the official "wedding coordinator" for a friend of mine from high school. I LOVED IT! I even had a couple from Amarillo whose daughter was a bridesmaid come up and ask me how long I'd been doing this and if my business was based out of Canadian.

Everything went off without a hitch and I just enjoyed the whole process immensley. I have since been recruited to do two other weddings. I think after I get a few of these "under my belt" so to speak I think this is an endeavour I'd like to embark on at least part-time. Maybe, put a few ads out in papers, phone books, etc.

Of course, since I was "behind the scenes" I didn't get many pictures.

Marty and me at the reception.

Lauren (one of the bridesmaids ) and me at the reception.

We also had dinner with my cousin, Tristan and his wife, Aubrey, last week. She is due April 23 and is about to pop! We are so ready for little Brendan David to be here!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Answered Prayers...

I'd been waiting to post an update about Joe until he had his first official doctor's visit since returning home. He's been home two weeks today. His appetite is still weak, but they took out half of his stomach so he'll probably never have quite the appetite he previously did. He's been doing well. He'll have a really good day and a bad day the next. He's very weak on his bad days, but hopefully that's just temporary. So, they went to the doctor today and discovered that Joe has a non-aggressive form of pancreatic cancer! They basically told him he would more than likely die from old age or some other illness, but not this particular type of cancer. Isn't God amazing? I mean, I'd never even heard of an "non-aggressive" form of cancer, but this is such an answered prayer and such a blessing! My grandmother has been so stressed and worn down. I think this just lifted both their spirits immensely. Thank you all for your prayers!