Wednesday, May 6, 2009

back to the 'ol grindstone...

Well, I'm back in the office today. My husband is still playing 'cowboy', but I had to come back to work. Yuck! And of course, it's a B-E-A-UTIFUL sun shiny day that would be perfect for picture taking...but I guess occasionally we have to act like grown-ups.

Yesterday was wet and miserable ALL DAY LONG! I don't think I got that many great shots due to the lack of natural light and moisture in the air. However, I just got finished looking through the digital pictures I took over the last couple of days and I think there are a few REALLY good ones. They're all completely amature, but there's something that makes my heart flutter when I look back and go, "that's a great shot". It may be just a hobby and I may not be professional, but I truly LOVE photography. I love capturing people I love doing what they love.

Anyways, it will be while before I get pictures posted, but I hope you are all enjoying this wonderful Wednesday afternoon!

Until then, anyone have any great craft/gift ideas that I could do with my Sunday school class for Mother's Day? I am drawing a complete blank...


Lisa said...

Hey girl! I have an idea... Grace brought home a bouquet of flowers today. They put 3 foam flowers on popsicle sticks then they madea little "pot holder" (really just paper) stapled onto a paper plate. They put the flowers in the pot and added grass (you know the Easter basket grass stuff). Does that make sense? I'll try to take a pic later and put on my blog. It was really cute. Grace kept saying he made me flowers :)

What age are you guys working with? I would say this would be good for 2-5 year olds?