Friday, January 23, 2009

Christmas 2008

Yes, I know I am VERY behind...

Marty and I always exchange stockings Christmas Eve afternoon before heading to my parents' to that evening. I love stockings...I think they're my favorite even over presents!

Here's a picture of our tree. I call it "outdoor chic".

We didn't take any pictures opening presents at my parents' Christmas Eve. Probably because I was feeling crummy (and looking crummy) and I usually take the pictures so...My mom got a gorgeous pair of diamond and sapphire earrings that were a sneaky suprise from my dad picked out by yours truly. My parents celebrated their 30 year wedding anniversary three days after Christmas so they were a Christmas/Anniversary present. My dad is really good about giving great gifts, but my mom was so suprised that she cried. It was so cute!

Christmas morning we got around and headed to my grandparents' house in Pampa for Christmas lunch. The food was fabulous even though my stomach wasn't. I apologize for my pale sickliness in all the pictures.

Me & Tyke back at Mom and Dad's.

Mom with Lily & Bella
One of my bff's from high school who now lives in Cali was in for the holidays so we went over for a little shindig at her parents' place the day after Christmas. This is right before we left my parents'. And yes, we took Tyke. He's the partying-est dog you've ever met!

New Year's Eve we headed to OKC to spend some time with my friends from school on our way to East Texas. We met Jacob, my best guy friend from college, and his wife, Amy, and my best girl friend, Becky, and her roommate, Emily, at a wonderful restaurant on the lake known as Red Rock.

Afterwards we headed back to Jacob and Amy's. We watched the ball drop in NYC at 11 p.m. and really considered going to bed, but we made it til midnight and then crashed.

Amy is due March 5 and we are so excited for that little boy to get here!

New Year's Day we made the four an a half hour drive to Gilmer from OKC... much nicer than the usual eight and a half hours it takes to get there from The Panhandle.

We kind of kept the fact that we were in town on the down low because last time we were in it seemed like we were SO busy rushing around trying to see everyone that we really didn't get to much of Marty's family.

Here's Kennith and Marty.

Miss Ciara loving on Tyke.
A picture of Jerrye's famous Christmas tree. She does Christmas up right!

Marty and Tyke.

Marty displaying his true feelings for my little dog.

Marty and me. I almost sent out late Christmas cards with this picture on don't be suprised if you get a Happy Valentine's Day card with this Christmas picture on it...better late than never, right?

One of the booth's at Canton. I want to try and create a mini version of this in my house somewhere. Isn't it neat?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy 2009!!!

Well, we've been running all over the place as usual! We just got in from East Texas and had a wonderful time down there with Marty's family.

I was sick before and after Christmas which was no fun, but part of the reason I am going to blame not getting my Christmas cards out this year...

So for all you babes in toy land, if you didn't get a Christmas card from us this year, don't take it personally. I may be cheesy enough to send out Happy 2009 cards with our new address.

I will post pictures from the holidays soon!