Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I fixed it...

So my relatively new LG washer has been backing up lately. Therefore, last week I was loads and LOADS behind in my laundry. So I decided I was going to fix it myself. So I unscrewed the cap on the little catch all tube and it is clogged with all sorts of nasty smelling stuff (mainly sand and some of Marty's chewing tobacco that accidentally got washed). And then I released the excess water in the drain thing. (Sorry for the lack of professional terms.) I got it all soaked up. Cleaned everything up and started a load of clothes. I came back in the kitchen a little later and noticed water slowly creeping half way across my kitchen floor. I panicked and Marty was not pleased to say the least.

We have a stackable washer and dryer so we had to undo them, take the dryer down off the washer and carry it further into the kitchen and then I had a HUGE nasty, mess to clean up. Four hours later we had things back in order.

The only good thing that came of this is that I haven't liked the wood laminant in the kitchen and laundry so now we get to replace it with tile.

Here are a few of the samples. We like the one on the far right.

In other good news the washer repair man is FINALLY coming today to look at my washer. I vow to never fix anything myself EVER AGAIN!


Lisa said...

Brave girl... I would have had no clue where to start with the washer!! I love the tile samples too... I would go for the one on the right too b/c it looks the busiest without being too busy... does that make sense? One day when you have kiddos you will be happy you chose something like that! :)