Friday, February 13, 2009

My Home Away From Home

I don't know why, but I have always loved Oklahoma City. I guess maybe because I thought I'd always end up there after college.

When I was in school and Marty came to visit we went to OKC almost every Saturday for our date night. It was also the place where my friends and I attended Broadway shows and concerts, went ice skating and did our shopping.

This past weekend I went to see a few of my very favorite people who still reside in the city.

I left work early and got to Oklahoma City around 6:45 p.m. and Whitney and I went to a new yummy Asian Bistro known as "Buddha Tao". We had A-MAZING sushi and then hung out Friday evening.

Saturday we spent shopping and then preparing for one of her friend's 80s themed birthday parties. It was down in Bricktown in this small art gallery. I can't believe the 80s are actually coming back. We went to several stores Saturday that were filled with neon colored shirts, paint splattered belts, a rainbow assortment of tights and everything else that hideously reminds us of the generation we grew up in.

On that note, here are a few pictures from our night! Whoever decided straighteners where in and crimpers were out anyways?

Sara, Whit & Me

Sportin' the Shades

Strike a Pose

Sunday morning I met Becky at a little place called the 501 Cafe. Brunch was so good! I love discovering new little eateries and this is one I will definitely go back to!

And yes, my hair is still crimped from the night before, but I tried to cover it up with a hat. I washed it before church, promise!

I met my cousin, Cade, who play basketball for OU and his girlfriend at church in SW OKC. I had never been to the southwest OKC Life Church and it always gives me butterflies when I'm traveling alone and navigating for myself, but this is something else I love about the city. I feel like there is so much to explore and see. I know people who actually live in OKC maybe don't feel this way, but I just think every time I'm there I learn something new...

Church was REALLY good. If you've never been to a Life Church they broadcast all over the U.S. You can visit for more information or to watch a lesson. It is a nondenominational church that I attended some in college. The messages are great! We sang a song Sunday that went something like "Great God, greater than us all, forgive us we have made you small." It just got me to thinking, "How true!". I think I sometimes try and put God in this little box reserved for Wednesday evenings, Sundays and right before I fall asleep and He's SO much more than that! It just seems like it happens so easily! It's like I only take Him down off the "shelf" and out of the "box" when I need Him for something. Does anyone else do this? Anyways, the service was great...

All cleaned up and somewhat normal before church.

And I am SUPER impressed with my cousin's girlfriend. He is a very attractive, talented yet humble, Church of Christ boy who I have always thought of as a younger I was a little apprehensive when he told me he had someone he wanted me to meet. But, Morgan, was the sweetest, most beautiful and down to earth girl I have ever met! Plus, she goes to OSU, what's not to love?!

Here they are...adorable, right?

I then made the long journey home to my parents to pick up little Tykester.

Here he is taking a break from pestering Lily. They're both doing weird things with their mouths.

After leaving my parents, I was then on to see my wonderful husband. He had picked up the house, put away laundry, vacuumed and done dishes. I am one lucky girl!


kristin said...

You are so cute! Sounds like you had lots of fun! Miss you...crimped hair and all!!