Monday, February 16, 2009

A Valentine's Anniversary...

Well, three years ago on Valentine's weekend Marty popped the question.

It's still hard for me believe. I knew it was coming because we had been ring shopping in November and he was so excited the day he ordered my ring he couldn't help but tell me. It was just such a magical time in our lives.

I remember going into the ring store, I was SO nervous! I remember shaking and sweating...

It was so strange to me. I was the girl who never imagined her wedding day until I actually got engaged. I never thought about what kind of ring I wanted either. In my head I was going to graduate, move to OKC and work for a PR Firm, live it up with my girlfriends and worry about that whole "marriage thing" when I was in my later 20s.

Then Marty came along and my plan changed. I've always heard that God laughs at our plans and our situation helped me understand that.

After we went ring shopping I noticed every single girls' hand who boasted an engagement ring. It was CrAzY!

I won't go into the L-O-N-G story of our actual engagement, but it was so sweet and of course, I cried. Marty had to change his "plan" several times do to different circumstances, the weather, etc. But, he nailed it!

Here we are Sunday morning-the morning after he popped the question.

Valentine's Day fell during the week that year so I was at OSU on V day, but he sent me a dozen red roses and I felt like the most special girl in the world.

I hope you all had a VERY Happy Valentine's Day! Ours was very low key. Marty asked me what I wanted to this year and I told him go skiing. So, we are going skiing next month with the Spencers! We're so excited!


erin f. said...

How sweet! I don't think I had ever heard your engagement story! Our's happened right around the same time though, I do remember that! We're all blessed to have found each other.

kristin said...

So sweet! I will never forget your call after you got engaged! Pure bliss! Love you!