Monday, February 2, 2009


Mid-January Adam, Kristen and Caden Spencer came to visit us. I was so excited for a girl to come for a "hunting weekend". We usually have lots of boys which I enjoy, but it's nice to have a girl to visit with and help some in the kitchen.

We were super lazy, but we did give Adam and Kristen the tour of Canadian (it didn't take very long). We took them to the Soda Shop and the Cattle Exchange which are a must if you're ever in town.

Tyke could not figure out what all the commotion was coming from the kitchen sink.

It was Mr. Caden taking a bath.

After his bath, all nice and clean.

The boys with their harvest...

For some reason we waited until late one evening to take pictures-please excuse our hottness.

Me & Kristen

Caden making his way to Tyke.

Is he not the cutest little boy ever? He is so sweet too!

Marty, Tyke & Adam...don't they look cute in their pj's???

Hehe...they are all mine girls.