Monday, March 2, 2009

A Winning Weekend

Well, this past weekend my mom and I went to watch my high school coach's (who I am still very close to) kiddos play in a little league basketball tournament. Brady, who is in 2nd grade, had 6 of his team's 7 points. He got a very cool medal with a rubber basketball on it. However, when his sister, Michaela, who is in 5th grade won 1st in the tournament, they got small trophies and he was no longer happy about his 1st place medal.

Here's Michaela and another girl, Paige, I used to babysit growing up.

Michaela's team after the game. So much attitude...

Brady was too shy to take a picture for me.
I love those two kids. They are absolutely precious! Marty and I have always said if ours turn out like that we'll be in good shape!

Speaking of...there was LOTS of baby talk this weekend. My coach asked us when we were going to start thinking about having our first...I mean, I get excited thinking about starting a family, but I know I'm just not quite ready yet. I told him we're on the four year plan...and unless God decides to interrupt our plan, we're going to stick to it. My parents are SUPER ready for their first grandchild, but they don't say much. They want it to be right for us. Marty's mom is VERY ready as well. I talked to her last night and she kept saying, "Well at least it's nice to hear you say 'our family' or 'when we have kids...'"Poor things. I think everyone is fonching at the bit except for us.

In other winning cousin Cade got to start Saturday. And OU beat Texas Tech! Go Sooners! Have I mentioned I'm oober proud of that kid?


kristin said...

Wow! I can't believe she is old enough to be in a basketball tournament!!

erin f. said...

Somehow I missed you last 3 or 4 blogs! So fun that you you got judge a beauty contest...was it one of those creepy ones with 1 year olds in it? I'm sorry your floors got flooded, but glad you get to pick out new ones!

I know the pressure of everyone wanting you to have kids. I was ALWAYS ready but Todd took a while to come around. It gets worse once you are actually wanting to get pregnant and haven't yet, then you feel like crying when anyone asks you why you don't have kids yet. I just wanted to say "We're trying, okay???" I'm just thankful it didn't take too long or I would have been an emotional wreck!