Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Help, Please?!

Alright girls...

I need some ideas for mine and Marty's 2nd & 3rd grade Sunday school class. I LOVE the kiddos, but don't feel like what we've been doing is entertaining enough or adequate for their age level. They figure out all the puzzles and activity sheets too quickly.

We took a vote last week and they want to do an Army of God thing so I thought I'd do a few lessons about putting on the full armor of God and what that means, being a soldier for Christ...but that's about all I've got.

Anyone out there have any advice?


Robyn said...

First, your vacation looks like so much fun--we weren't far from there in January when our whole family went to Red River. Also, yes, I have a coloring book that is called All About Armor of God, that you can use as a springboard for discussions. It's put out by Grace Publications. Each page has a scripture and some kind of situation involving using the armor of God. The girls look forward to each page. I only paid $3 for it, and it states that you can reproduce the pages for a class. Hope that's helpful! Also, do a google search for armor of God printables or crafts--I get a ton of stuff for our homeschool that way.