Wednesday, March 11, 2009

He's Just Not That Into You...

We went to see the above movie with my cousins, Tristan and Aubrey, last night. I had read the book in college and was so excited to see the movie.

It was SO good! Plus, it had a great cast. And if you plan on seeing the movie, don't read any further!

The moral of the story was really good. Of course, it goes through each girl's stupid behavior and lack of knowledge when it comes to the "game". But, at the end most of them become the exception to the rule. Jennifer Aniston's character breaks up with her boyfriend of 7 years, Ben Affleck, because he says he just "doesn't believe in marriage". Only for him to show up later on when she really needs him and they reconcile, move back in together and he proposes because "he wants to make her happy".

It made me think back to my single days...I never was very good at the "game", but I got my heart broke early on and it made it easier to be careless with people's feelings. I don't believe you can ever really "play the game" when it comes to someone you truly care about or have deep feelings for. I made a lot of stupid mistakes in the relationship department, but when it came to Marty and I it was just right.

I think that's kind of the moral to the movie. You can follow all the rules and even know how to play the game. But when it come to the real thing or "the one" none of that matters...