Thursday, March 26, 2009

Simple Pleasures...

While reading Redbook yesterday evening, I came across two things that excited me. The first is a site called For $8.95 you can create a wallet sized card for your hubby or significant other that "arrives printed with all your vital information: ring size, dress size, favorite designer, etc.

Marty is a good gift giver, but he always asks, "What do you want for (insert occasion here)?" Anyways, the small article talks about how the little pink card may remind him of how high maintenance you are...whatever, I think this is an ingenious idea! I just finished ordering my own!

The other find was a cute t-shirt that can be found at The t-shirt sports the same phrase, "Pasty By Choice". It is to discourage young women from using tanning beds and a portion of the proceeds go to the American Cancer Society.

Here are the two t-shirt options. I am so ordering one!

I am very fair skinned by nature, but I tan easily. I have used the tanning bed somewhat throughout high school and college, but I know the dangers it can cause and have had friends and family members battle with cancer so this girl is shying away from the tanning bed these days. Thus, my oober pale complextion that makes some of you doubt that I was ever tan.