Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A Little Bit of Life...

It's been awhile since my last post, but it seems like we've had something going every weekend. Not all of it has been documented, but we've still had a lot of fun.

My parents spent a week in Colorado mid-September. Dad and Bruce were hunting and Mom and Lana relaxed at the cabin. Marty & kept Lily and spent the weekend at the ranch to sort of "keep an eye" on things.

This was Marty's first year to get to go on the wildlife survey of the ranch via helicopter. I think he really enjoyed it, but what he was most excited about was all the elk and deer sheds he saw from the air. So we spent the majority of a Saturday "shed hunting". We were successful, but it was HOT and HUMID.

Here's three of my favorites in one picture. The dogs LOVED getting out and running around.

You can't really see honey, but she's to the left of Marty.

Gotta love the panhandle.

I had my heads in the clouds for a lot of the time...Marty covers a lot of ground and I hung back looking for arrowheads and taking my sweet time.

Marty was trying to get a good picture of Honey & me playing in the creek, but it was super windy if you can't tell by my hair.

Picture perfect Mack.

My mom came and stayed the night with us the night before she and Lana left for Colorado. I couldn't find Lily one afternoon while Mom was gone and this is how I found her in our extra bedroom. She was missing her mama!