Wednesday, October 22, 2008

East Texas: Reunions, Yamboree & Birthdays

This past week we made the LONG drive from the Panhandle to East Texas. We left Wednesday after work and dropped my great aunt off at her daughter's house in Paris. And Clint and Rachel were sweet enough to let us stay the night with them. We got in sometime after 11 p.m. and stayed up visiting until 2 a.m. Baby Nolan wasn't feeling well when we got in, but Thursday before we left he was nice and cuddly.

The only pretty fall colors I saw while we where in East Texas happened to be on one of Clint & Rachel's trees...

Thursday after Dr. Clint had a look at our teeth we headed to Gilmer. We hung around until Jerrye and Kenneth got home from work and then we drove to White Oak to get Marty's deer from the taxidermist and meet Stephen. He'll be really upset I don't have a picture of his deer mount to put on here.

Friday morning I want to take Jerrye to a local winery to celebrate her birthday. It was so neat...tucked down this little oil road lined with trailer houses opens up to this beautiful 40 acre winery.

Here's the view of the deck where we had lunch. They had two bird dogs that just lounged around wherever they felt fit. I wish I had snapped a picture of them. It was SO relaxing!

We tasted their "Sweet Wine" list. The only one I didn't like was the one Jerrye loved.

Friday night was Marty's 10 year class reunion. Although I was apprehensive in the beginning we had a great time!

Here's Marty & Tron. Tron and Marty played football together and were fishing buddies in high school. Latisha was in charge of the reunion and she wanted a picture with M because she said she had a crush on him in "grade school".

I took lots more pictures, but I won't post them all on here.

Saturday morning we headed to the parade and got to see lots of friends. I just hate it that these weekends don't last longer because they go by too fast!

After YUMMY corn dogs, lemonade and sweet potato fries I tried to get a few pictures before we all dispersed and went our separate ways.

Clay, Marty & Clint

Jaymie & Marty

me & my beautiful nieces before the barn dance

I think they found Uncle Marty quite amusing...oh and that's last year's deer in the background. I did have a picture, just not of it by itself.

Justin, Marty, Adam and Wes at the barn dance

Robin & Me...she always looks so stylish...we actually went in this year to hear Johnny Lee (from Urban Cowboy) sing "Lookin' for Love in All the Wrong Places". He was SO good!

Marty & Kenneth before we left Sunday morning...