Friday, October 10, 2008

My Mom...50 & fabulous!!!

So, for the past six months I've been planning a birthday bash for my mom's 50th birthday. It wasn't a suprise party because she had to help me with the guest list, but she didn't know any of the details so there were still elements of suprise I guess you could say. I decided our theme colors would be all different shades of purple with hints of blue. I ordered invitations and included a note asking for old pictures and for guests to send me back written notes to Mom to include in her scrapbook. I am not a scrapbooker to say the least, but one of the girls I work with sells Creative Memories and another is a scrapbooking guru so I was in good shape. I felt like I was planning a mini-wedding, but it was SO much fun! My mom is the most deserving person I know so I wanted everything to be perfect.

The location of her party was the same place we had my bridal luncheon. It's this great little tea room and the food is A-MAZING!

Here's the view from the front door. I decorated the mantel with old pictures of mom, votives and flowers.

Here's a picture of the table setting. I found these adorable mini tea pot place card holders online. And the wonderful florist did the flowers for my wedding as well.

Here's the first page of Mom's scrapbook.

Here's when Mom and Grandmom arrived and her seeing the scrapbook for the first time.

Everyone else looking at her scrapbook.

The scrapbook/gift table.

Group Shot...

Mom's table: Aunt Mary, Mom, Grandmom, Lana, Shannon and Tresa.

Mom & Me

This was the dessert Mom chose...Snickers Cream Supreme. It was to die for...

This is me reading some of the "roasts". I couldn't hold it together for my little speech and I definately had a difficult time reading all the sweet things people said about Mom.

Christie was sweet enough to come and take pictures for me so that was one less thing I had to worry about. She is a sweetheart and I am so blessed to get to work with her!

It was an absolutely perfect day! I could never begin to repay my mother for a lifetime worth of love and things that she continually does for me, but this was so much fun. We are so very blessed and as we reflected on the day all we could think about was how fortunate we were to have each other in our lives. I love you, Mom!


Robyn said...

What a precious time for your mom! I bet you had so much fun planning it.

Kristin and Smith said...

The party looked amazing! Way to go! You always know how to make someone feel so special! Tell Mrs. Cindy Happy Belated for us!!