Monday, August 25, 2008

Keri's Wedding

I took off work at 3 p.m. on Thursday and headed to Canyon. Keri & Lance's rehearsal dinner was at a restaurant called Feldman's. We went to Palo Duro Canyon afterwards to 'rehearse'. It was beautiful in the canyon. I hadn't been out there since the last time we went to see Texas which was years ago. Everything was so green from all the rain!

We got up Saturday morning EARLY so we could be at the canyon to decorate. We were there for four hours! And when we got back that afternoon before the ceremony the wind had blown everything down! Not to mention while we were taking pictures one of the park rangers came and pulled a 5 ft long rattlesnake out from a rock directly behind where we were. I guess it makes for a good story!

Here's a picture of all the honorary bridemaids...from (LtoR) Brooke, DeShea, Lana, Me & Kanessa.

Me & Keri

Me & Kristen, sister of the bride.

The beautiful bride.

The honoraries and Lance, the groom.

Me & my handsome hubby. He's such a sweetheart. My mom had a 'bike accident' the day before and crashed on the cattle guard. So he drove her to the wedding and assisted her with the massive stairs you can see in the background.

The two of us with our good friends, Jason & Desiree.

The groom's table. Part of our job as honoraries including serving and there just so happened to be one set of serving utensils for all five of those cheesecakes plus a wedding cake. It was nuts and I was glad for that part to finally be over. We ended up using our hands mostly and plastic forks...very, very messy! Serving in high heels on concrete-not exactly my idea of a good time.

We spent the night with my grandad since the wedding was only about 30 minutes from his house.

"Why I outta..." taking out my wedding frustrations on my husband. J/K!

Me, Gdad & Marty.

We shopped some on Saturday and then went to Mom & Dad's for the rest of the weekend. Marty put up wildlife cameras and Mom and I cleaned out drawers and things. She was still getting around slowly after her little accident.


Kristin and Smith said...

you have had quite a summer! where was keri's wedding?? and i love your curly hair! miss you!

Kristin and Smith said...

well, i just found those online! lance finished way before us...i think he got like 7th out of 15,000 people! this race was a 10k, so it was fun, but sooo hot! hope you had a great labor day! miss you!

Erin Faubus said...

Another wedding! Girl, you must be the most popular wedding-goer ever...I feel like my weddings have finally slowed down a little and I like it...(not that weddings aren't fun). Hope things are going good! Tell Marty hello from Todd!