Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Things I learned from a six-year-old...

Last night, I treated my high school coach's son to dinner and a movie. His sister was supposed to come, but it's their spring break so she had gone to visit family in Okla. This family is near and dear to my heart. Coach Bailey was my coach all through high school and he played such a spiritual role in my life. His kids are wonderful and since Marty and I have been back in the panhandle I really haven't gotten to see them as much as I would like. So I picked Brady up after work. We drove to Canadian and ate at the Pizza Hut and then went to see Horton Hears a Who. These are just a few of the things I learned from Brady...

1. On Sirius Radio, Disney Kids is age appropriate, however, Kids Stuff is for children three and under. We were driving along and it was commercials on Disney Kids so I changed it to Kids Stuff and Brady proceeded to tell me, "Man, it's a good thing I'm not two anymore. I would LOVE this song if I was two." I laughed and changed the channel back to Disney Kids.

2. At the Pizza Hut we were sitting there and he said, "You see those bubbles in your coke? That's sugar. They're kind of white and sugar is white. And there's sugar in coke."

3. Towards the end of dinner I asked him if he wanted ice cream before the movie or candy at the movie. He told me, "Neither. I decided day before yesterday I wanna be strong so I don't want any sweets. I had some grapes and apples last night before I went to bed because I was hungry. And then I ran around the house last night to get some exercise."

Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures. Marty was supposed to come with us, but he had a mini-disaster at the house, but I won't get into that on our blog.


Erin Faubus said...


The weekend of the 12-14th of June should be good for us! We would really love to have you guys stay with us and Todd could might take that Friday off. We are looking forward to seeing you guys!

I like the post!