Monday, March 10, 2008

Annual Childress Weekend/Quail Hunt

Well, I guess technically this is only our second year to attend the Childress weekend. The last time was two years ago right after Marty & I had gotten engaged. We always look forward to seeing everyone, though. This year the boys went quail hunting while the girls took it easy at the house. I hate that we didn't get any more pictures of us girls. I was the only one not with a little one on board. All the girls are adorable pregnant. I hope I'm half that cute prenant. We figured it up and next year there will possibly be 8 little ones running around. What a difference a year makes!

This first picture is of all the guys and their birds. The second is of Marty and his "HUGE" bobcat that he's attempting to make look bigger.

Sunday morning Susan made FABULOUS cinammon rolls. I caught Kristen enjoying one...or maybe two.

Marty & John Shuttlesworth after lunch Sunday.

Marty played with Roselyn before we left. I'm not sure she knew what to think of him.

Maybe it was the cowboy hat...


Kristin and Smith said...

Your weekend looked so fun! I know what you mean about getting a little glimpse into your life! You are so sweet! Also, I love the new blog design! Very you!