Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What's In A Name?

Prior to Marty and I getting married I was not excited about changing my last name. I'm an only child and a girl so my maiden name ends with me. And although, Cassi Shea Brown may sound simple, I have always liked my name and it's obviously how everyone in my life up until that point had known me. I really wanted to them to call my maiden name when I graduated from Oklahoma State, but we had already changed my name in the system after we got married so they announced me as "Cassi Rash". But, enough about that. You get the point.
I received an e-mail a few weeks ago that allows you to look up how many people in the U.S. share your name. I discovered I am the ONLY Cassi Rash in the nation and I kind of like that. In case you were wondering, Marty is one of two Marty Rash's, so I guess you could say we're fairly unique. There are 9 other Cassi Brown's in the U.S. and only 1,518 girls with the first name, Cassi. Brown is the 4th most popular last name in the nation. I didn't think the last name Rash was very common, but to my suprise, there are 11,598 people that share the last name, Rash. Just a little FYI.

In case you're curious about your own name, you can go to


kristin said...

Cassi!! That website says I don't exist! There are 0 people with the name Kristin Getterman! However there are 933 girls named Kristin Jones. I think like 100 of them went to Baylor because I always got their emails! Have a great weekend!

High Heels and Huntin' Boots said...

how don't exist. you are EXTREMELY unique! yes, you and i both have very common maiden names. enjoy your weekend too, sweetie!

The Timberframer's Wife said...

Your new blog format looks so good! Shad teases that I am a secret feminist because I kept my maiden name as another middle name for some stuff. It's just special to me and I think it will be easier for our descendents to trace back on my side if I do that.