Monday, March 10, 2008

About JoePa...

Well, Joe made it through surgery fine. It's been kind of up and down since then. He is now in a regular room. We thought he might get to come home Tues. or Wed., but we found out last night that one of the sutures around his stomach is leaking. It's not abnormal with this kind of surgery, but he'll have to spend one to two more weeks in the hospital to see if it will heal itself. They're hoping that they don't have to go back in to repair it. Thank you for your continued prayers.


Erin Faubus said...

I'm so glad you wrote on my blog...we would love so much if you guys came up early for the wedding and stayed with us. Even if you don't come early, you should definitely stay with us! I am sorry to hear about your grandpa, I will pass on the prayer request. Let me know what dates exactly the wedding is and we will make sure to be here.

Erin Faubus