Monday, March 24, 2008

Good News...All Around

Well, my JoePa got to come home last Thursday. They thought that when they were released from the hospital they'd go stay with one of his two daughters who both live in Amarillo, however, they decided to just go straight home. We went and saw Thursday. On our way to Amarillo. I think they whole "coming home" wore Joe out a little which is to be expected, but when we saw him Saturday and then Sunday he was doing much better. I'm sure it will be a day to day thing based on how much active he is.

Easter we went to church with my parents and then went up to see JoePa & Gma. We didn't want to stay for too long, but it was nice to be with them on Easter. It's traditionally a big holiday for us with a wonderful Sunday service at their church, followed by a big meal, but this year, we just feel so blessed to all be together.


I promise, we weren't leaving Joe out. My flash was being finicky and the one I took of he and Gma didn't turn out.

In other "good news" best friend from high school, Keri, got engaged Thursday. Her fiance took her on a three hour scavenger hunt and then told her they were going to a nice dinner for two and then took her to a steak place where both sets of parents, three sets of grandparents, siblings, cousins and friends were waiting. Keri's sister, Kristen, did the photography for our wedding so she had taken pictures throughout the scavenger hunt and put together a slide show for everyone to watch documenting Keri & Lance's relationship and the whole engagement process. I am so unexplicably happy for them. It's just so encouraging when people you love find their soulmate! I know you two will be VERY happy. Congratulations, I love you both!



Kristin and Smith said...

I'm so glad to hear about Joe! Keep me posted on his progress!

Robyn said...

Your blog is so positive to read! So glad to read the update on Joe. He and your grandmother will continue to be in my prayers. Y'all take care!