Tuesday, February 26, 2008

More Prayers...

My JoePa is having surgery tomorrow morning. I don't really know any details. All I know is that my grandma called my dad yesterday after Joe's appointment. She was really upset and all she could say was, "It's not good." Mom and I are leaving for Amarillo as soon as we get off work today. I'll know more after we get up there.

Also, one of my dad's best friends, Buddy Thomas, was in a work related accident yesterday. He manages a feed yard up by Spearman and he comes down every spring and helps my dad work cows. He was in the mill at the feed yard and someone closed hydrolic doors on his legs. They life lighted him by helicopter last night. They don't think anything is broken, but they can't be sure due to the swelling in his legs. Until then, they told him to keep his legs elevated and to not put any weight on them. He already had trouble with his back and one of his hips, so I can't imagine that this will help.

Please keep these people in your prayers...It seems like there is so much going on right now.