Monday, April 14, 2008

All My Children

I know to those of you who have children, my "children" don't quite compare, but for now they are my "babies". Just thought I'd share a few...

Honey & me attempting to get a good shot on her birthday. I'm not sure we succeeded.
Honey. Poor Mack is in the background picking out stickers.
Mack retrieves the dummy and Honey steals it and brings it back with her mean defensive skills.

Our kitten, L.C., loves to "hide". When I can't find her, I usually know that she's one of three places: in the closet, in my red bag or in Honey's portable kennel.

I couldn't finish out this post without including the two little Papillions who replaced me at my parent's house after I left for Oklahoma State.

Gizmo or "Gizzy" as we call him.

Miss Lily

And the two of them engaging in one of their favorite activities.


Erin Faubus said...

Cassi - We would love to see you guys even if it's only a quick dinner or something! Just let us know when the time comes what you're plans are and we can work something out!

Rachel said...

Hey Cassi! Clint gave me a gift, which he said he thinks was from you. Boys are so good at communicating. I'm assuming it's for Roselyn - thank you! Or is it for the new baby? I need your email! You mentioned in a comment recently that you sent me an email, but I never got it. My email is rachelrspencer at hotmail. Is that where you sent it? Try me again so I'll have your email address. The frog is so cute!