Thursday, April 3, 2008

Answered Prayers...

I'd been waiting to post an update about Joe until he had his first official doctor's visit since returning home. He's been home two weeks today. His appetite is still weak, but they took out half of his stomach so he'll probably never have quite the appetite he previously did. He's been doing well. He'll have a really good day and a bad day the next. He's very weak on his bad days, but hopefully that's just temporary. So, they went to the doctor today and discovered that Joe has a non-aggressive form of pancreatic cancer! They basically told him he would more than likely die from old age or some other illness, but not this particular type of cancer. Isn't God amazing? I mean, I'd never even heard of an "non-aggressive" form of cancer, but this is such an answered prayer and such a blessing! My grandmother has been so stressed and worn down. I think this just lifted both their spirits immensely. Thank you all for your prayers!