Friday, April 11, 2008

A New Career...

Well, this past weekend I was the official "wedding coordinator" for a friend of mine from high school. I LOVED IT! I even had a couple from Amarillo whose daughter was a bridesmaid come up and ask me how long I'd been doing this and if my business was based out of Canadian.

Everything went off without a hitch and I just enjoyed the whole process immensley. I have since been recruited to do two other weddings. I think after I get a few of these "under my belt" so to speak I think this is an endeavour I'd like to embark on at least part-time. Maybe, put a few ads out in papers, phone books, etc.

Of course, since I was "behind the scenes" I didn't get many pictures.

Marty and me at the reception.

Lauren (one of the bridesmaids ) and me at the reception.

We also had dinner with my cousin, Tristan and his wife, Aubrey, last week. She is due April 23 and is about to pop! We are so ready for little Brendan David to be here!