Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Great Goose Hunt

The first weekend in January several of Marty's friends came in for what we deemed an annual goose/doe hunt. Matt came in Thursday afternoon, Stephen arrived in Canadian around midnight and Clint and Clay rolled in around 2:30 a.m. I went and stayed the nite at my cousins' house so the boys would have one more bed to sleep in and because I had to work the next day and I hadn't been feeling well. Of course, they stayed up until almost 4 a.m. and felt terrible when their alarms went off around 5 a.m.

The first morning the geese cooperated, but there just wasn't enough cover in this open wheat field. I think they ended up shooting 6 birds. So, the next morning, my boss and his son met up with us and we had a PERFECT morning. It was warm and windy. I shot my first goose and the boys shot 28 Canadas and 6 Snows. One of the Canadas ended up being a 25 year old banded bird. That nite we went and stayed at the ranch house and the boys went doe hunting. We woke up Sunday morning and went to church in our hunting clothes. The Spencer boys were leaving right after church, but the rest of us went back out and Marty shot a banded bird. I must say, it was the first time I ever sported Carhart overalls and boots to church, but several of the Deacons and Elders are avid hunters and they LOVED it! They visited until we were the last to leave the church.

I need to figure out how to post my pictures after the actual writing. How does one do that?


JL said...

I want a copy of "cassie and the boys". that is priceless!!