Friday, February 22, 2008

Prayer Request

I need you all to pray for my JoePa, better known as my step-grandfather, Joe Autry. He' s been having some stomach problems and he's been unable to eat much lately. He went to the doctor day before yesterday and they ran some tests. They told him yesterday he has a mass on his pancreas and they feel sure it's malignant. He's supposed to get a call today telling him whether or not it is cancer and if it has spread throughout his pancreas. He has an appointment Monday to further discuss treatment options.

He and my grandmother met at church. They compliment each other so well and have brought so much joy to one another's lives. Please keep them in your prayers.


jaymie said...

I've been praying for him since i got your email. Keep us posted.

Robyn said...

I'll sure be praying for him and your grandmother. Thanks for sharing that. Y'all take care!

Kristin and Smith Getterman said...

thanks for the updates. thinking about you, sweet girl.