Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I Sucked...Wind

Well, I finally drug my lazy arse out of bed before 6:30 this morning and went for a run. Let's just say I remember that initial run always being tough. My friend, Abby, and I would go out and run three miles in college having not run in several months and it would hurt, but I could finish.

Friends, I was WALKING up the first hill in the first 5 minutes! Oh, to be old and out of shape!

I think I went about a mile and a half. I pushed myself, but MAN, it was tough!

I signed up for a fitness boot camp through our local YMCA and it starts Monday. Rumor has it that we are running a TIMED 400m on the first day! We will do the same on July 3 (the last day of boot camp) to see how much we've improved. This morning further reiterated the fact that I AM GOING TO DIE!

There's a large group of fitnessistas in said small town and they all go to aerobics together, do P90X and run half and full marathons together. I am a very competitive person, but after this morning I let it sink it that I will more than likely not be at the front of the pack come Monday morning.

I e-mailed my high school coach to see if he had any suggestions and he replied back with "Are you crazy?! I think you'll be surprised at how out of shape you are." *LOL* Thanks, Coach. He's right, though.

But, I think that's the point of boot whip my flabby, unmotivated butt into shape. So, cheers to that.

I have a CRAZY day ahead of me and tonight I have to pack. I'm leaving tomorrow after work for a fun-filled Magnolia Weekend with some of my wonderful friends from OSU. We're live in four different states now, but we're pow-wowing at Rachel's in Arkansas. I just love it up there. It's SO pretty!

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*Kendra* said...

Yea for you for even doing boot camp. Someone needs to kick my butt into gear! I think you'll be surprised how quick you'll get back in shape!

erin f. said...

The thought of running seems like a distant impossible thing to me right now, so I am impressed you ran that much!

Kristin said...

Good luck! Boot camps are toughhhhhhhhh!

Amber Green said...

Hey, i totally feel you on running, my lungs and legs just don't do it anymore :) and yes we enjoyed the lion king sooo much it was amazingly good. it even kept ayelan's attention for pretty much the whole thing (nearly 3 hours). and i got Auburn's dress at Dillards, i usually just get their clothes here and there, where i find something i like. there are so many cute girl clothes its a sin, really i have to just back myself out of the area usually. thanks for commenting, your so sweet, it makes the effort of blogging nearly worth it :) have a good time on your trip, it sounds like alot of fun!

Sweet Simplicity said...

Have FUN this weekend! Tell everyone I said Hi!
I can't wait to hear about all about your boot camp!

Liz said...

I feel your pain. I've skipped the last couple days running b/c it's so dang HOT!

Marissa said...

Good job on day 1!