Monday, June 15, 2009

Fitness Boot Camp Week One Re-cap

This past week was the first week of boot camp. It was tough, but enjoyable.

Monday was pretty easy, but continual. We did a little bit of running, bleachers, sit-ups, push-ups and some work with free weights.

We divided up into four groups: Advanced, Intermediates I, Intermediates II and Beginners. I started out in Intermediate II, but soon decided I could run with the Intermediates I.

Wednesday we added a little more running and more of the same...

Friday we ran a timed 400m. I was pleasantly suprised that I had the third fastest time overall. I ran with the Intermediate I group and the two girls that beat me were in the Advanced group. I think if I had been running in the same group with them I could have beat them. It was a boost to my ego since they are all in really good shape and workout all the time!

Needless to say, it's going well. I absolutely LOVE it. I will miss two days next week as my mom and I are leaving for New Braunsfels on a float trip with about 15 other mothers and daughters, but I have so much energy during the day! I'm going to have to keep this up after Boot Camp is over!

I'll try and upload pictures from my birthday weekend soon and get those posted. Work has been crazy and we have an intern in the office so my free time the last week has been limited. Sorry for the lack of posts and lack of comments!

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~M~ said...

I'm glad you are enjoying bootcamp!!

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

Can you send me some of your workout motivations??? Kthanx! :)

Kitty and June said...

good for you girl!!! i'm getting back into my pushups! grrr!!

Jacob and Amy Hall said...

OH floating the river is a family tradition of mine! That river is very very cold, be sure you are prepared and take shoes to wea in river...easier on feet! Have fun!!

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

Whew. Sounds tough! Way to be!