Thursday, January 7, 2010

Decorating Advice

Alright, all you home interior savvy people out there...I need some advice. I think I've posted a few pictures of our front room at the house. The walls are a mocha brown color with stark white trim. I have black vintage tables and am looking to add some red and white furniture pieces. I REALLY want a white couch, like maybe a canvas one from Pottery Barn or something.
Here's a picture of the front entry. The other two tables I have are similar to this style. One is round and I had thought I'd place it between the two club chairs I mention below.
And then yesterday I got the Grandin Road catalog in the mail and fell in LOVE with these club chairs. They come in red also.

What do you think? Black tables, white couch, and red and white club chairs??? What color rug would you put down. (We have creme colored carpet.) What other accents would you use???

Stay tuned for my giveaway! It's kind of a random mix of things, but fun nonetheless!

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Sonja said...

Do you have pictures? :) That might help a little bit better! XO

MissJody said...

Ohhh red...I'm getting into red.
A little splash of red is great!

I've been venturing out in the decorating world, too!

I wanna see pics and do you have pics of what you want?

Nezzy said...

You might pull in an area rug with all the colors of the room to pull it all together. I'm lovin' the color combo...I can't wait to see the finished product.

Have a greatly blessed day!!!

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Awe, I am not much help. Good luck.

Taylor-made Wife said...
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Taylor-made Wife said...

I can offer no advice in the decorating arena. I'd like to think I'm stylish, but I'm really not. What I can offer you is that you won my giveaway! So I need your mailing address.