Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Fredericksburg, TX and Chick Dip 2009

Well...our girls' trip was fabulous!

Mom and I left Sunday morning and arrived in Fredericksburg just in time for dinner. We dropped Tyke off at the Paws and Claws Pet Resort. They took very good care of my "fur baby" by taking him on daily walks and indulging him in his individual play times. Ridiculous, I know!

We then checked into our bed and breakfast, Runnymede Country Inn, which is owned by a couple of girls I know. It was adorable and the breakfast was delicious! I would have given anything to spend some time lounging by the pool...We will definitely be returning.

We went next door to House. Wine. and had a glass of the most amazing wine EVER while we were waiting on a table at Auslander Biergarten and Restaurant. The food was good. We shared a German Snack-"Choice of grilled sausage served with sauerkraut, Swiss and cheddar cheese and pumpernickel bread." I ordered Texaschnitzel-"A local twist on an Old World favorite! Schnitzel covered with ranchero sauce, Monterey Jack, sour cream and guacamole." Although, I had to ask what schnitzel dad has always taught me to try new things when it comes to food and when in German restaurant you order German food.

Monday was a FULL day of shopping! Oh the cute, whimsy shops in Fredericksburg! It reminded me very much of the shops in Durango, CO where we vacation. I got a great necklace custom made at the Garden of Beaden (in OSU colors, of course). I will have to post a picture later because ALL of my pictures are on my camera which I left at my parents' house.

I left all my great floppy hats that would have been PERFECT for floating the river at home so I had to purchase a new one. I chose a cute little black number from this awesome little boutique, Root. I would have LOVED to spend much more $$$ in there, but I was trying to behave!

Here's a picture from the website of the hat I purchased.

Photo courtesy of Root website

The girls got into town around 4 p.m. and we grabbed some ice cream and headed to New Braunfels. There were three vehicles in our caravan and we were the last one the ENTIRE time. I swear following someone through 5 o' clock San Antonio traffic was an experience I will not be enjoying anytime soon. It didn't help that our 'fearless leader' was driving at record speed.

Anywho...we made it to New Braunfels and got unloaded and settled in to our lovely condos on the river.

We got around the following morning and were on the river by 9:30 a.m. It was SO nice and relaxing. It took two hours to float the Comal. They said it was low, but being my first time on the "Chick Dip", I couldn't tell. We went back to our condo after the first time down and had lunch and refueled and went again. I was NOT a fan of the mid-day float. It was record breaking temperatures, well over 100 degrees and I am 90 percent sure I got a contact burn from my tube. The valiant ones in our group made the third float of the day and said it was much cooler.

I got a great picture of all 15 of us that first morning, but's on my camera!

On Wednesday I slept until 10 a.m., went down and had breakfast and went back to bed until noon. Worthless, I know, but I was on vacation! Mom and I went and layed by the pool after lunch, but it was SO hot we didn't last long...Lyndi and Lezli got back from the second float trip of the day and we made our way over to Schlitterbahn. I have to say, I wasn't that impressed. I thought it'd be bigger, better...and I didn't realize there were multiple parks. After visiting their website, though, I realize that we totally got screwed. We ended up at Blastenhoff when we were intending to go to Schlitterbahn West. Who knew!? I am thoroughly disappointed!

Mom and I woke up EARLY Thursday morning to make the LONG drive back to the panhandle. We picked up Tyke in Fredericksburg and did some last minute shopping. My little Tyke was MORE than excited to see me...I have the scratches to prove it. I also wonder what they're thinking when you leave them somewhere like that.

We stopped at BLUE taco in Abilene on the way home for lunch. It was yummy! Can you tell our trips tend to be focused around our meals?

I made it home around 9:30 p.m. Thursday evening. I was pooped and glad to see my hubby!

Until tomorrow...I promise to be better at blogging. I've just been busy!

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Miss HoneyDew said...

Ca-ute hat!

Shanna said...

Sounds like such a fun time! We are going to the river this weekend and floating the Comal... it will be my first trip! Your post made me get real excited!!!

Sweet Simplicity said...

What a fun girls trip!! I would not have made the midday float either!

Kristin said...

LOVE the hat. Fabulous score!

erin f. said...

Sounds like so much fun! Can't wait to see pictures!

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

How fun! And we take our dogs to a doggy daycamp when we're out of town....oh the things we do for our furbabies!

I Love Brownies said...

This just makes me homesick - I spent my Senior High last day of school trip in New B. and have several relatives in Abilene. My dad was born in Borger. It's just so cool to hear all the details of your trip....and how great to be able to spend time with you mom!!

Jessica said...

Sounds so awesome! Love the hat!

Jacob and Amy Hall said...

I knew that we were meant to be. I would love to do all those everyday, float, shop, sleep, eat...amazing!That is one of my most favorite parts of Texas!!I can't wait to see pictures.