Wednesday, April 8, 2009

God is so GOOD!!!

I don't know why we try and make our faith so complicated sometimes.

I started out the morning in a great mood...but as the day progressed my spirit just felt supressed. The office was just crazy and things kept piling up and I had obligations for this evening that I needed to work on through out before I broke down I just said a little prayer. Just a few words...something like, "Lord, help me to complete the tasks ahead of me and find a way to get it all done. And to do so with a smile on my face and joy in my heart."

I don't think I really believed the prayer when I said it...but I got a text minutes later from a friend asking me to have lunch with her. I politely declined and told her I was headed to the church to put some things together. She said "Great! I'll meet you there."

He sent me someone in my time of need. She offered to take care of half the things on my "to do list". Thank you, Lord!

Then, I went home to let my sweet little puppy out. He is always so glad to see me. There's nothing like coming home to a wagging tale and a slobbery kiss.

Well, I took Tyke outside and noticed two beautiful flowers that had just bloomed in my flower beds. Seriously, buying a house from people who have a green thumb is such a blessing. Every day I have these new little presents waiting to be discovered in my front yard! God is so good...

And last, but not least...last year our office was closed on Good Friday with the exception of my floor so I was kind of disappointed. However, this afternoon it was announced that the ENTIRE office building will be close in observance of Good Friday...another wonderful blessing on what has started out as a rather trite day!

To some things up I guess my small faith is just amazed when God answers my prayers so quickly and earnestly...In the words of Barry, our youth minister, "Imagine that, people go seeking God and actually find Him."

I hope you all had a beautiful blessed day as well!


erin f. said...

It's great how a simple prayer can turn your day completely around. I need to pray that more often! Thanks for your comments on my blog...believe me you will be a completely adorable pregnant person someday! I feel enormous but I never look that big in pictures. I am beginning to think it is because my giantish tall husband is so much taller than me that all the pictures are angled down and never show my full bigness!

Terrells said...

That's soo great Casss! It's always great to see how the Lord provides and gives up abundantly more than we often feel we deserve but are always sooo grateful to accept. He is SOO GOOD!!! I love you girl hope all is well. Mom's birthday is today so i'm about to head in to help her clean the house her birthday wish... ;) love you girl