Monday, June 16, 2008

East Texas

East Texas

Well, the last weekend in May we headed South. We left on Thursday and dropped my great aunt off in Paris and then went on to Gilmer to see Marty's parents and my nieces. The next day his parents, my mom and he and I went to Canton. We had so much fun. We got some great stuff and I even haggled a coat rack down $15.

Miss Cadi Lynn

Friday night Marty went home w/ his parents and Mom and I headed to Sulphur Springs to see a couple of her best friends from high school. We went to Shannon's son, Drew's, ballgame.

Then Saturday we just messed around and then headed to back to Paris for my cousin, Kelli's graduation from North Lamar. Marty spent Saturday w/ his dad floating down the river in Jefferson. I was so jealous I missed that trip, but he got some really neat pictures. Unfortunately, they're still on his camera so I'm posting w/o them.

The above picture is of Marty and his parents before we left Sunday morning. It was a fast and furious trip as usual. I wish we could just come down and spend a month sometime, but it always seems like it so hard to get away for any substantial amount of time.

New Job

Monday, June 2nd, I started my new job. The Wednesday before we left for East Texas was my last day at my old job. It was really hard because I had gotten so close to the people I worked with and they had been so good to me, but this is a positive change. I am working for Abraham Trading & Commodities and I love it! It's so nice not driving 80 miles round trip a day! I've been so impatient about the whole job situation and my mom kept saying, "be patient, have faith". I was patient and there were times when I was anything but positive. But God is good and of the five jobs I'd been approached with in the last few months this was the last one to come along, but by far the best opportunity. God is good and I need to learn to be more patient to His timing and His will and forget about my own agenda...

Have a blessed week y'all!


Robyn said...

Sounds like y'all have been super busy lately, but with fun stuff and lots of friends to see. Hope the new job goes really well! Y'all take care!